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Trocars & Cannulas

Volkmann carries trocars and cannulas that are designed to access the patient’s body easily with minimal pressure and minimal risk of injury during laparoscopic surgery. Volkmann trocars are airtight thus securing the instrument and increasing maneuverability without loss of pneumoperitoneum.


Surgical stapling

No single stapler can address the wide range of tissue management issues surgeons face on a daily basis. Our surgical staplers and stapling products enable surgeons to handle the broadest range of tissues and applications with outstanding clinical performance.



Volkmann offers a comprehensive portfolio of instruments and sets for ureteroscopy, retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) and Percutaneous Nephro Lithotripsy (PCNL).


Percutaneous Access

Volkmann offers comprehensive portfolio of products for percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) surgery designed for excellent transitions and smooth insertion to ensure quick and effective access.


Urodynamics consumables

We pride ourselves in being a market leader of Urodynamic Consumables for uroflowmetry, filling cystometry, pressure-flow study, urethral pressure profiles (UPP), valsalva leak point pressure (VLPP), and electromyography (EMG).


Retrieval devices

Volkmann retrieval devices are conducive to the removal of all kinds of resected objects and foreign bodies during endoscopic surgery, to prevent contact between pathological tissues and healthy tissues, and to avoid pathological residues. It is beneficial to the postoperative rehabilitation of patients and reduce the cost of treatment.


Ligation Systems

Volkmann ligation systems are designed to be implanted around a blood vessel, lymphatic vessel, other tubular anatomy, or a tissue bundle for permanent occlusion. The ligation systems are available in titanium and polymer materials, different sizes for both open and endoscopic surgeries. The clips are made of high quality medical grade implantable materials to ensure the patient safety for permanent occlusion and implantation.