Laparoscopic Clip Appliers

Volkmann offers a high quality, hand-crafted single-fire reusable clip appliers and multiple single-use clip appliers for open or laparoscopic surgery.

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Laparoscopic Clip Appliers

Volkmann offers a comprehensive line of metal and polymer ligation solutions demanded by surgeons around the world and designed to suit ther distinct preferences and case needs.

Single-use Clip Appliers

The single-use endoscopic multiple-clip applier is intended for use on tubular structures or vessels wherever a metal ligating clip is indicated. The applier contains 20x or 16x titanium clips.

  • The pre-installed cartridge in the clip applicator design does not require any additional manipulation during alloying, ensuring a comfortable working environment for the specialist.
  • Two shaft diameter modifications – 5 and 10 mm – help to choose the clip applicator individually for each clinical case, with the possibility to use products for minilaparoscopy.
  • The material of the clips in the cartridge is biocompatible titanium, which minimises the risk of them growing into the tissue and reduces the likelihood of postoperative complications.
  • The indicator window located on the handle of the clip applicator allows you to see how many remaining clips there are after the procedures have been performed, helping you to carry out the operations accurately.
  • The devices are sterile and are intended for single use only.
Single-use Clip Appliers Volkmann

Reusable Clip Appliers

Our high quality, hand-crafted reusable appliers are designed to give surgeons solid tactile feedback upon clip closure.

  • Handle available for Medium + Medium-Large and Large + Extra-Large inserts.
  • The material for making clipapplicators is high—quality stainless steel.
  • An additional 20° bend of the branches facilitates access to the vessels.
  • Two types of shaft length — standard 330 mm and elongated 450 mm.
  • Applier color coding matches the color of the ligating clip cartridge.
  • The flushing channel helps to clean the product.
  • Available it two-part and three-part shaft modular for easy decontamination.
  • Non-sterile medical devices for multiple use.
Reusable Clip Appliers Volkmann

Ligaclips in controlling surgical haemostasis

Tubular structures like blood vessels or the cystic duct are commonly occluded by ligatures in open surgery. Principally this could be done in laparoscopic surgery as well, but since it is easier and faster, the vast majority of closures are performed with clip appliers. Reusable clip appliers deliver one clip at a time (size varies approximately from 7 to 9 mm) and must then be taken out and reloaded. When clip appliers are used in pairs, the scrub nurse always has one loaded, ready to exchange for the empty one which the surgeon withdraws. It is cost-effective and causes minimal delay.

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Laparoscopic single-use multiple-clip applier

REF Clip size Cllips qty Saft dia., mm Qty (box/carton)
СD20ML10 ML 20 10 1/5/20
СD20L10 L 20 10 1/5/20
СD16ML5 ML 16 5 1/5/20

Laparoscopic reusable clip applier

REF Shaft leength, mm Clip size Jaws angle Clips type Color-code Assembly part Qty (box/carton)
CPE33M/20 330 M 20° Polimer Blue Single-part 1/6
CPE33M2 330 M Polimer Blue Two-part 1/6
CPE33ML 330 ML Polimer Green Single-part 1/6
CPE45L 450 L Polimer Violet Single-part 1/6
CPE33L2 330 L Polimer Violet Two-part 1/6
CPE33L2/20 330 L 20° Polimer Violet Two-part 1/6
CPE33L3 330 L Polimer Violet Three-part 1/6
CPE33XL 330 XL Polimer Beige Single-part 1/6
CPE45XL2 450 XL Polimer Beige Two-part 1/6
CPE33XL3 330 XL Polimer Beige Three-part 1/6
CTE33S2 330 S Titanium Blue Two-part 1/6
CTE33M2 330 M Titanium White Two-part 1/6
CTE45M2 450 M Titanium White Two-part 1/6
CTE33ML2 330 ML Titanium Green Two-part 1/6
CTE45ML2 450 ML Titanium Green Two-part 1/6
CTE33ML3 330 ML Titanium Green Three-part 1/6
CTE33L2 330 L Titanium Yellow Two-part 1/6
CTE45L2 450 L Titanium Yellow Two-part 1/6

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