New production line launch in Pakistan

Volkmann MedizinTechnik GmbH is engaged in strategic collaboration and regional expansion to launch new products and reinforce its market position. Volkmann launches new production line of ophthalmic surgical instruments in Sialkot, Pakistan. New assortment of ophthalmic surgical instruments have all the advantages of reusable materials and provide high quality of functional elements.

Any medical procedure in ophtalmology is a delicate and requires quality medical equipment. The certified manufacturer in Sialkot produce medical supplies and medical devices for ophthalmology surgery centers, hospitals and scientific research institutions. The range of manufactured products includes cataract and keratome blades, forceps and scissors.
Volkmann has been actively involved in the development of ophthalmic surgical instruments for many years offering wide range of innovative solutions. New production and administration facilities in Sialkot will allow Volkmann to stay updated with new medical technologies and provide clients with safety and high-quality medical supplies.

23rd May 2018