Hydrophilic Ureteral Catheters



Ureteric Catheters

For urine drainage from the renal pelvis to outside through the urethral

Catheter features:

  • Amecath ureteric catheter contains 3 colors variants indicating different rigidity of the catheter shaft:
  • Yellow : soft
  • White : semisoft
  • Blue : firm
  • Amecath ureteric catheter has different tip shapes:
  • Round closed tip for direct application
  • Open tapered tip for application over guide wire
  • Cone and chevasaeu tips for contrast injection
  • Whistle tip for better drainage
  • Olive , angel and curved tips for easy insertion

These variations of the rigidity and the tip design, can tolerate the different clinical needs during the procedure

  • Amecath ureteric catheter is supplied with separate catheter connector for sampling or injecting contrast/therapeutics.
  • Amecath ureteric catheter is made of Tecoflex which provides high compatibility and less irritation.
  • Amecath ureteric catheter length is 70 ±2 cm.