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Intended for puncture trocar suprapubic cystostomy (removal of urine from the bladder).

  1. The catheter is made of high quality polyurethane, covered with silicone. The quality of the material ensures an optimally long residence time of the inserted catheter.
  2. Good ability to abstraction of urine, despite the small outer diameter that achieved by the minimum wall thickness
  3. Good compatibility due to low tendency to salt deposition
  4. Minimal mucosal irritation bladder shell tanks pigtail curl tip
  5. Low injury due to small outer diameter
  6. Safe fixation with sutures without compression clearance due to shape retention polyurethane
  7. Sterile, for single use of application
Product Information

Product Information

LenghtLenght, in mm
9F / 459F / 80
12F / 4512F/120
14F / 4514F/120