Liagation Clip



Ligation Clip is available in a range of clip sizes Medium (M), Medium-Large (ML), Large (L) and Extra-Large (XL). The non-absorbable polymer clip is inert, nonconductive, radiolucent, and does not interfere with CT or X-ray diagnostics. Ligation Clip has more advanced and unique inner pattern to provide stronger locking power which is patented. H & Surgical is supplying applicable appliers for both OPEN and ENDO surgery.


  • The most stable inner structure after ligation(Patented)
  • Perfectly Compatible with existing applier
  • Safer locking system
  • Faster ligation
  • Saving operation time
  • Animal experience in EU showing stronger locking power
  • Leading improved operation technique
Product Information

Product Information

Clip per CartridgeCartridges per BoxCarton Box
BLUE, 2mm~4mm 6 Clips14 Cartrdge(84Clips)50 box (4,200Clip)
GREEN 3mm~8mm 6 Clips14 Cartrdge(84Clips)50 box (4,200Clip)
VIOLET, 7m*10mm 6 Clips14 Cartrdge(84Clips)50 box (4,200Clip)
GOLD, 9mm*12mm 6 Clips14 Cartrdge(84Clips)50 box (4,200Clip